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Season 2.5 Part 8c Exorcism Finale - EPGP's Mini-series special "Surviving The Horror"

Join all those that have stood up to their horrors and survived!

Exploring the paranormal w/ G.E.E.K.S. Paranormal has a special series starring those who have survived their own horrors, during this Suicide Prevention Series. Hear real people, speak about their real pain, and fought to survive! Starting 7/8/2020, Wednesdays on paraxradionetwork.com, 8 PM CT!

Listen to the Finale of Bree's story of survival that doesn't just include the prevention of suicide, but the survival of the paranormal kind. Bree learns at a young age, nothing is what it seems and what she finds out as she gets older, is absolutely terrifying!

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   The Show

Join Shauna and Vicki of G.E.E.K.S Paranormal, as they talk history, hauntings, and interview some of the best-known people in the field, with technical difficulties and all! A new upload every week! Or listen live on https://www.para-x.com, Wednesdays 9PM ET / 8PM CT!! Let's explore!

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