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A scar is a permanent marker of a tragic event. A scar is also a permanent reminder of what we survived. What tried so hard to destroy us, but we endured. A scar can be beautiful. In fact, some of the worse scars, are truly the most beautiful. They tell a story of strength, endurance, and hope. I know you are wondering how would a scar tell of hope? Well, have you ever saw a scar form on a dead person? A scar says, "Hey, I lived through that."

I am including a picture of my arm. It is a suicide attempt scar. When I was 19yrs old. This was my third attempt. Strike three and you're out, right? Usually, that is a bad thing. But when I failed my third time I began to realize (my theory, my belief) that I had a purpose and GOD was not gonna let me die yet. I also realized that death is in GOD's hands, not mine. If it is not GOD's will for someone to die, they won't. We can try. We can overdose, shoot ourselves right in the head, slice our arms all the way from wrist to elbow and if it is not HIS will to allow us to die, we will not. I do not recommend you trying to see.

We all have heard of miraculous recoveries. A woman falls 1500ft and lives, a baby cries in the morgue after being declared dead 12 hours prior, etc. Why do you think they survived? Was it GOD? Do you believe in GOD? If not, you may have your own theory. Maybe you do not believe those cases ever happened. I am not trying to convince you of the existence of GOD. You have the right to believe what you want. I just want you to understand where I am at. I personally knew a man that tried to kill himself. He shot himself in the head and lived. He suffered from horrible headaches. He couldn't talk right, or walk right, but he lived. I can tell you of many more stories of people that should have died that did not.

Instead, I will tell you about my story. Part of my story you may have heard if you listened to our show. I am living today, though I should be dead. My scars are my reminders that I am a badass. I survived death at five years old when my head was broken and I lost way too much blood. I survived years of abuse and other tragic life-changing events that should have killed me. I look at my scars and I see hope. I know that whatever is going on right now, I already survived so much worse.

If you have scars, don't hide them, don't be ashamed. You are a badass that survived something horrific. Look at that scar when you feel down and realize you already endured.

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